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Obituary for Donato "Dino" Foggetti

Dino Foggetti Biography

Dino was born on 6/12/1967 in Bari Italy, a big town on the Adriatic coast, very similar to our Long Beach city in California.

Dino was the first grandchild of the Foggetti family. His parents Rosa and Vito Foggetti named him Dino after Vito’s great-grandfather and father. As a good catholic he was baptized on the very next day after he was born.

Rosa and Vito moved to Chicago in 1972, Dino was five years old then.

He was a very intelligent boy, his parents sent him to a catholic school, and he had his first communion when he was eleven.

In 1979, when Dino was twelve, his parents moved to Orange County California where he completed the middle school and high school.

While he was in school, he started working as a mechanic at Sears Company.

In 1980 His father found employment as a Mechanical Engineer at Ford Aerospace, then Dino was also hired by the same company as an Assistant Engineer.

Dino married in 1992, but unfortunately, he divorced from his wife after four years. This was extremely heartbreaking for him.

He never remarried again.

Ten years later, after the Ford Aerospace closed, Dino found a job in a Printing Company up to now.

Because Dino was very good with his hands in numerous tasks, his mother would call him “Golden Hands”

He had a good heart, love and care for people and would help them with their needs for free.

In 2000 he met the love of his life Dorothy Espiritu, got engaged on her birthday on April 10, 2008 they shared their passion for jazz music and vintage cars but most of all their love for each other. He became a stepfather and grandfather to her children who loved him back for all he did for them and keeping their mother happy!